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Any organ of the human body that has a point of contact with the external environment can be used by pathogenic microbiota as a way to penetrate the body. The category of such organs includes the urethra, which often becomes a victim of inflammatory processes, and with it, other organs of the urinary system. In part, it was the high frequency of stromectol for humans of these organs that led to the appearance in clinical medicine of such a narrow-profile specialist as a urologist. This doctor sets as his main task the preservation and restoration of the health of the organs of the human genitourinary system.

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The urologist helps a person to regain good health and the lost functions of the affected organs in the event that it is a question of the pathology of the urinary system. At the same time, he is engaged in the treatment of various types of pathological processes - from banal inflammations of bacterial origin to complex degenerative-dystrophic disorders.

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Nephrology - specializing in kidney and upper urinary tract diseases; oncourology - specialization in neoplastic diseases of the genitourinary tractact; phthisiourology - specialization in the fight against tuberculosis of the kidneys and other urogenital organs.

Stromectol for sale - specialization in traumatic injuries of the urogenital organs; neuro-urology - specialization in the elimination of problems of the genitourinary sphere associated with impaired innervation and nervous regulation of organs; urogynecology - specialization in the elimination of problems of the genitourinary sphere in women; uroandrology - specialization in the elimination of problems of the genitourinary sphere in men.

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Women's Health

In addition, urologists, like all other doctors, can specialize in treating pediatric or adult patients.

Men's Health

To help their patients, urologists use conservative and surgical methods of treatment.

Children's Health

In general, this section of medicine is classified as a surgical one, since even in the process of examining a patient, the doctor must use special instruments and penetrate into the cavity of the internal organs.

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As stromectol, urological diseases report their appearance as dysuric phenomena, that is, disorders associated with the act of urination. Therefore, if the patient feels unpleasant sensations in the process of urine excretion or a change in the rhythm of emptying the bladder, this is the reason for contacting a urologist.

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