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MobileHelp Touch Duo: The Ultimate Medical Alert System for Active Seniors

MobileHelp Touch Duo: The Ultimate Medical Alert System for Active Seniors

MobileHelp Touch Duo is a medical alert system designed to provide seniors with 24/7 access to emergency assistance. With its advanced technology, this device is capable of detecting falls and other medical emergencies, ensuring that help arrives quickly. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at the MobileHelp Touch Duo and all of its features.

What is the MobileHelp Duo System?

The MobileHelp Duo System is a medical alert system that includes a mobile device and a base station. The mobile device is a touchscreen tablet that includes a GPS tracker, two-way communication, and fall detection technology. The base station connects to the user’s home phone line and serves as a charging station for the mobile device.

How It Works

In the event of an emergency, the user simply presses the button on the mobile device or the base station to be connected with a trained operator at MobileHelp’s monitoring center. The operator can communicate with the user through the two-way speaker on the mobile device to assess the situation and send appropriate help if needed. If a fall is detected, the system will automatically contact the monitoring center to request assistance.

What’s in the Box

The MobileHelp Touch Duo comes with the following items:

  1. Mobile device with a touchscreen display
  2. Charging cradle
  3. AC adapter
  4. Quick start guide

Installation and Performance

Setting up the MobileHelp Touch Duo is straightforward and easy. The base station connects to the user’s home phone line, and the mobile device simply needs to be charged in the cradle. The system also includes an option for cellular backup, which can be activated in case the home phone line is not working.

The performance of the MobileHelp Touch Duo is impressive. The mobile device is equipped with GPS tracking, so emergency responders can easily locate the user if they are unable to communicate their location. The fall detection technology is also highly accurate, minimizing the risk of false alarms.


  1. Advanced fall detection technology
  2. Two-way communication
  3. GPS tracking for easy location identification
  4. Cellular backup option for added reliability


  1. The monthly service fee may be expensive for some users
  2. The mobile device may not be as durable as some other medical alert systems
  3. Battery life may be shorter than expected

Cost, Pricing, Packages & Monthly Plans

The MobileHelp Touch Duo is available for purchase on the MobileHelp website. The system is priced at $41.95 per month, which includes 24/7 monitoring, equipment rental, and access to the MobileHelp Connect portal. The MobileHelp Connect portal allows users to access health and wellness information, as well as set up medication reminders and emergency contacts.

MobileHelp also offers a variety of other packages and add-ons, including a mobile device with a built-in cellular connection, additional fall detection pendants, and a lockbox for emergency responders to access the user’s home. Prices for these additional services range from $10 to $40 per month.


Overall, the MobileHelp Touch Duo is an excellent choice for seniors who are looking for a reliable and advanced medical alert system. The system’s fall detection technology, two-way communication, and GPS tracking capabilities make it a top performer in the industry. Although the monthly service fee may be expensive for some users, the added peace of mind and sense of security provided by the MobileHelp Touch Duo make it well worth the investment.


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